Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soda bath

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing is going right and just when you think "Okay it only has to go up from here" then something else happens?'s one of those weeks.
Today after work I had to run some errands but needed Collin to go with me because we're having trouble with his phone. (That in itself is another story for another time...) So Collin, Trevor & I loaded up into the car and went to Verizon. After conducting our business there, we were hungry and wanted to pick up something quick at Wendy's. Things went well at the drive thru, the girl at the window said "If I could give you free stuff I would just because of your hair."
But as we pulled away from Wendy's & got barely a scant block or two away, tragedy struck. They had put all three of our drinks into one of those flimsy cardboard drink trays. I was trying to extract them from the tray and put them in my car's cupholders when the tray tipped. One soda flipped completely upside down and poured down the side of my seat, all over the door and the floor. When I went to try to stop that one from falling, the one I had in my other hand dumped sideways on me and I got about half of a cold Mountain Dew in my lap. Of course, no amount of cheap Wendy's napkins are going to take care of this, so after I apologetically let an expletive fly, I told Collin to get us home as quickly as possible. So I had a very cold, very wet ride home, sitting in a big puddle of what really looked like pee since it was yellow Mountain Dew.

By the time we got home most of it had soaked into the seat and I was soaked through to my underwear. I got out of the car and quickly headed into the house so the neighbors wouldn't think I had peed myself. I waddled into the bathroom, took my shoes & socks off, stripped the soaked jeans & underwear off and took a shower from the waist down. After finally getting adequately cleaned off I went back to the kitchen to eat my now lukewarm burger & fries.
Is it Friday yet??

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