Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharing the Love....

My niece Jenna had this posted in her blog and I was lucky number three in her comments. I decided to do this for two reasons:

#1 No one hardly ever comments on my blog. (sniff, sniff)

#2 I'm not especially talented but it sounded like something fun to do.

So here goes...

The first three people to leave a comment will receive a hand made gift by me. There is a catch however, you must do the same thing on your blog. Come on everyone lets spread some love!
Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be talented, so please don't expect an extravagantly hand made gift...might just be something simple. But it's made with love. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is it Spring Yet??

According to the calendar it's spring... According to the weather it's not. Regardless of that, we are pushing forward and trying to do "spring-like things" around here. It just feels natural to be tilling, trimming, planting, feeding... All of those things that need to be done to start all kinds of new plant/animal life.

The boys are starting a new project--a 4H project to be exact. They are raising pigs! This is completely new for all of is, so it's a learning experience all around. But with the help from our neighbor, Hobie, who does this every year, I'm sure we'll do just fine. Randy built a great pen for them out in the existing stalls and brought in some straw to make them comfortable. I'll keep you posted as things progress...

Another thing we're working on is a garden. My sister is a total inspiration to me because of the big beautiful garden she has out on her farm in West Virginia. I've always loved gardens and thankfully Randy loves them just as much as I do. So much in fact that he's planning a HUGE garden for us this year. He and Trevor have been out there tilling for weeks now, going over and over it to make the ground nice & soft. They're getting very close to the end of it and I can't wait until we get to start planting! Randy wanted to do a really big garden so that whatever we don't use, we can give to friends and one of the local food banks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

P.S.A. of the Day...

When one tries to put others down by saying spiteful things about them to their friends, it only makes one look like a real ass and shows others one's true colors.

You know who you are.....