Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Element nicknames from other Element drivers

"Box Car"
"The Short Bus"
"Milk Truck"
"Cranberry Juice Box"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Name that Element!!

We have a new addition to the family! For awhile now I've been wanting to trade in my car for either a new Jeep Patriot or a Honda Element. (I know, really different cars, but those were what I had narrowed it down to.)
After looking around on Sunday (MAJOR retail therapy after the weekend I was having) the Element won. I found a deal on a 2007 Tango Red Pearl EX model and it was done. The picture above is a stock picture, but it gives you a basic idea of the car. Elements are something that I think you either love or you hate. Most people who hate it base it solely on the look of the car. So I'll understand if some of you come up with affectionate nicknames for it. (Elements have been referred to as "Elephants", "Toasters", "Mini UPS Vans"(mostly the newer Root Beer colored SC model), and numerous other things--check out this thread on the Element Owner's Club web site for more funny comments:
However, we all know that the cars we love are required to have a name. Whether it's a cute one (Little's "Lulu" comes to mind) or a funny/weird one (I knew a guy in high school who called his the "Smegmamobile" because it was a piece of crap held together with duct tape & bondo). Should I come up with a name that plays on the "Element" name? Or refer to it's boxy shape? Or the red color? Let's hear some ideas!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Too Much Death

We attended the funeral for Nikki today, and it was very touching. Lots of tears, but some laughter too from people's comments and the video they showed. Then this evening we went to Ryan & Tracy's house (Nikki's brother & sister in law) for a party. Nikki had requested a party for her in the event of her death. It was a nice time and we came home feeling much better than we had earlier in the day.
Unfortunately when we came home from the party, our son told us that he had found out that one of his friends was killed last night in a car accident, along with his dad, a younger brother and an older brother. So now there will probably be another funeral that I will be attending if my son wants to go. It was hard enough for me to understand MY friend dying of cancer. How does a 14 year old boy understand a friend dying so young? I started this blog with great anticipation of funny anectdotes I would be sharing with friends and family. Lately I feel like I'm just writing about death. Hopefully I won't have to write about it anymore.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'll miss you Nikki

Tonight at 8:30 p.m., Nikki Malay stopped breathing. The cancer had spread up her spinal cord and was blanketing her brain, slowly shutting down the vivacious friend that we all knew and loved. We will say good bye to her in a way that is only fitting for her outgoing personality. Before she passed away she asked her brother Ryan to throw a big party, a celebration. I already know it will be loud, fun, bittersweet and we will all try to live up to Nikki's big personality. We'll miss you Nikki.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The REAL moon landing of 1969

Found this on YouTube today and it made me laugh, which I really needed:

Now we really know.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

I'll Never Understand...

When you find out that a friend is dying, you hear a lot of people say, "It just must be their time" or "God must have a purpose for them". But when that friend is only in their mid-twenties and full of life, how do you make sense of that? You can try to put blame on the things they've done in the past (maybe it was the heavy drinking that gave them stomach cancer) but that doesn't really help either. Besides, I know plenty of people who have partied hard for years and never had any problems (well, other than waking up in a strange bedroom with someone they really don't know...) So how do you just accept that this friend who is so vivacious is now lying in a hospital room and the doctors are saying to call all the friends and family because it's a matter of a couple of days to a week? Then you start thinking of the murderers, rapist, child molesters, etc. who are perfectly healthy. Shouldn't the evil people be the ones to get cancer? Couldn't it be something we could give to them like a sentence? "Instead of life in prison, we're giving you lung cancer with 2 months to live." Or stomach cancer with a week to live. It would solve the overcrowding problem and also take care of that pesky death penalty. Then the nice people would still be here.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Patricia Arquette is Limecat's twin!

I posted this yesterday on my old Myspace blog, but figured I HAD to post it here, because I love it!

I'm an avid Medium watcher. I love the show. My son watches the show and loves it too. But at the beginning of this season, when Patricia Arquette appeared sporting her new short bob, I wasn't sure I liked it. My son even said, "There's something about that hairstyle that reminds me of something I've seen before...but I can't figure out what it is." A few minutes later, my son blurted out, "It's that cat with the lime on it's head!!" You can judge for yourself....

Birth of a blog

So I figure I've been through childbirth already, so birthing a blog should be a snap! Right? I've made my feeble attempts at keeping one up on Myspace, but wanted to make a "real" blog that any of my friends can read and don't have to be a member to see. (Plus I got tired of being hit on by 18 year olds on Myspace who wanted to know if I was interested in "a little something on the side.") That picture up there is me and my husband, on one of the rare occasions that I got him to go on a cruise with me. We were in a bar in Ensenada and he said that's the only part of the cruise he enjoyed. This first blog is really just an introduction (nice to meet you!) and from here on I'll just be dropping little nuggets of wisdom and everyday life on my readers. Happy reading!