Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Name that Element!!

We have a new addition to the family! For awhile now I've been wanting to trade in my car for either a new Jeep Patriot or a Honda Element. (I know, really different cars, but those were what I had narrowed it down to.)
After looking around on Sunday (MAJOR retail therapy after the weekend I was having) the Element won. I found a deal on a 2007 Tango Red Pearl EX model and it was done. The picture above is a stock picture, but it gives you a basic idea of the car. Elements are something that I think you either love or you hate. Most people who hate it base it solely on the look of the car. So I'll understand if some of you come up with affectionate nicknames for it. (Elements have been referred to as "Elephants", "Toasters", "Mini UPS Vans"(mostly the newer Root Beer colored SC model), and numerous other things--check out this thread on the Element Owner's Club web site for more funny comments:
However, we all know that the cars we love are required to have a name. Whether it's a cute one (Little's "Lulu" comes to mind) or a funny/weird one (I knew a guy in high school who called his the "Smegmamobile" because it was a piece of crap held together with duct tape & bondo). Should I come up with a name that plays on the "Element" name? Or refer to it's boxy shape? Or the red color? Let's hear some ideas!

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Scott said...

Lemme sleep on it.
In the mean time, I have placed the request on Travelers Soliloquy.....because names are important. =)