Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Element nicknames from other Element drivers

"Box Car"
"The Short Bus"
"Milk Truck"
"Cranberry Juice Box"


Kath said...

As a friend of Little (I was the one that suggested the name 'Lulu') I would love to offer naming suggestions.

Let us begin!

Rocket (as in 'the rocket's red glare!)

Spiff (cause it looks really spiffy)

Rally (just cause I like the name rally)

Ruby (red..duh!)

Ellie (short for Element)

Arrow (just cause)

Watson (as in ELEMENTary, my dear Watson)

Good luck!

Jane said...

Thanks Kath! A friend of mine suggested Ellie today too. Other ones are cute. Rocket--that's a fun one!

Scott said...

Ooh.... I'm a fan of Ellie. I like lady cars. ;-)

Jane said...

Hey, maybe I could combine a couple of those--like,
Ellie the Rocket
Ellie the Ruby Rocket

Jane said...

Another great one that someone just told me:

I would name her "S-car-lett", so when someone tells you it is ugly you can tell them, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".