Saturday, May 26, 2007

Too Much Death

We attended the funeral for Nikki today, and it was very touching. Lots of tears, but some laughter too from people's comments and the video they showed. Then this evening we went to Ryan & Tracy's house (Nikki's brother & sister in law) for a party. Nikki had requested a party for her in the event of her death. It was a nice time and we came home feeling much better than we had earlier in the day.
Unfortunately when we came home from the party, our son told us that he had found out that one of his friends was killed last night in a car accident, along with his dad, a younger brother and an older brother. So now there will probably be another funeral that I will be attending if my son wants to go. It was hard enough for me to understand MY friend dying of cancer. How does a 14 year old boy understand a friend dying so young? I started this blog with great anticipation of funny anectdotes I would be sharing with friends and family. Lately I feel like I'm just writing about death. Hopefully I won't have to write about it anymore.

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