Saturday, March 24, 2012

And Now...A Real And True IPhone Conversation...

Embarrassing as it is, the following is a real and true IPhone (text) conversation I had with my BFF Donna.
Donna once said that it's a scary place inside my head.
I think I have to agree with her...

Me: I just brought attention to the fact that I'm not wearing tights today in honor of spring to your boss' attention. I'm a dork.

Donna: Oh gawd

Me: I caught him standing at the top of the stairs, gazing out the window. A short conversation about the beautiful weather ensued. Then I verbally vomited about my lack of tights.

Donna: Giggle

Me: I noticed that he left quickly after that. I think I scared him.

Donna: I am sure he is scarred

Me: I'm surprised I didn't do a little twirl for him so he could see my adorable spring skirt in all its glory....sigh. the way...did I mention that Donna's boss is the President of the college that we work for?

Who Wants Some Shoes?

Who wants to buy some shoes? How about a snowboard helmet, jacket or boots? I just listed several items on Ebay--check 'em out!

Here's a basic rundown on the items. The listings on Ebay have much more detail. If you have questions about the items, please contact me through Ebay so everything stays as per the rules. Thanks!

 Kemper snowboarding jacket--Girls size 16 but can also fit a Ladies size XS/S

 Ladies Salomon "Dawn" snowboarding boots size 7

K2 "Clutch" snowboarding helmet size medium

 Born equestrian themed clogs, size 6

 Guess strappy sandal heels size 7

 Doc Martens ladies oxfords--British size 3/ US size 5.5

Another view of the cute Guess strappy sandal heels

 Another view of the Born equestrian themed clogs

They're on a 5 day listing which started today. Feel free to bid to your heart's content!!