Saturday, March 24, 2012

And Now...A Real And True IPhone Conversation...

Embarrassing as it is, the following is a real and true IPhone (text) conversation I had with my BFF Donna.
Donna once said that it's a scary place inside my head.
I think I have to agree with her...

Me: I just brought attention to the fact that I'm not wearing tights today in honor of spring to your boss' attention. I'm a dork.

Donna: Oh gawd

Me: I caught him standing at the top of the stairs, gazing out the window. A short conversation about the beautiful weather ensued. Then I verbally vomited about my lack of tights.

Donna: Giggle

Me: I noticed that he left quickly after that. I think I scared him.

Donna: I am sure he is scarred

Me: I'm surprised I didn't do a little twirl for him so he could see my adorable spring skirt in all its glory....sigh. the way...did I mention that Donna's boss is the President of the college that we work for?

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