Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Is Putting Thoughts Down So Hard?

I don't know why I can't seem to put any thoughts down to my blog lately. Not that there's nothing going on in my life. There is one thing in particular that just came to fruition this afternoon but I can't talk about it yet. It involves some plans for my son after graduation but I don't want to share it publicly yet until I discuss it with him....and I just got a call from him that his day on the mountain snowboarding went longer than planned. (His ride up & back is with a friend who works there so he had to wait until his lessons were done for the day.) So..... until I can talk directly to my son about these plans, I'll keep them to myself. More to come later on that...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Mystery Glove

Last night after Collin's hockey game and following late dinner out, we came home and found the above pictured item on our floor. It was originally wadded up more into an unrecognizable shape and we had to pull it all apart to finally decipher what it actually was--a chewed up glove. The part on the right that is still intact appears to be the lining portion of the glove and the chewed up part is what probably covered it. There are fragments of leather, probably from a leather palm and a tag that advertises "Thinsulate lining". One (or more if it started as a game of tug-o-war) of the dogs obviously decided it smelled good and was working on it while we were out of the house.

But here's the weird part--no one in our house recognizes the glove. I only have two pairs of black gloves and I was wearing one of them at the hockey game. Besides, my other pair isn't made from these materials. My husband didn't recognize it and when I quizzed the boys through text messages (they were currently out on Collin's Great Flower Hunt for Valentine's Day) they didn't lay claim to it either. And after looking around the house I don't see a match for it either. (Don't gloves usually come in pairs??)

My mind has gone wild with all kinds of crazy theories...Perhaps while we were gone a nasty burglar tried to break in through an unnoticeable window and the dogs scared him off after snatching one of his gloves off his hand. Should I have the police put out an APB for a burglar sporting one glove? Hmmmmm, not likely since there are no signs of break-in anywhere.

More than likely it is just a forgotten glove stashed somewhere that only the dogs and their keen noses could find it and root it out to use as their chew toy. I'm sure someone in the house will remember it when they need it....