Thursday, May 17, 2007

Birth of a blog

So I figure I've been through childbirth already, so birthing a blog should be a snap! Right? I've made my feeble attempts at keeping one up on Myspace, but wanted to make a "real" blog that any of my friends can read and don't have to be a member to see. (Plus I got tired of being hit on by 18 year olds on Myspace who wanted to know if I was interested in "a little something on the side.") That picture up there is me and my husband, on one of the rare occasions that I got him to go on a cruise with me. We were in a bar in Ensenada and he said that's the only part of the cruise he enjoyed. This first blog is really just an introduction (nice to meet you!) and from here on I'll just be dropping little nuggets of wisdom and everyday life on my readers. Happy reading!

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