Friday, September 12, 2008

James Bond

So I don't usually get all that excited about new movies coming out, but for some reason when I saw this trailer today I thought, "I really have to see that movie when it comes out." I'll admit there were some Bond movies in the past that I thought were good. And trust me, as an adult female I am in the party of "there's something pretty damn sexy about James Bond"...(I'll even admit that when I set up my Garmin Nuvi navigator, I changed the voice from that annoying woman to a guy with an English accent. It's like having Bond right there in the car with me, LOL!) I will say though that I don't think all of the Bonds were sexy. My opinion? Sean Connery was NOT a good looking man when he was younger. But he did age well, I've got to give that to him. I'm not usually one of those "hot for older guys" kind of women but Sean can eat crackers in my bed any day. I know that some people don't like the newest Bond...maybe because he looks "different" than the other five (wait, six?) who have played it in the past. If memory serves me correctly, Daniel Craig is more fair-headed than his Bond predecessors. But maybe that's what makes him more appealing. Or, maybe it's just because other than Pierce Brosnan, the others had those awful 60's/70's/80's hairstyles that just automatically turn me off. (The old hairstylist in me comes out on this opinion, I think...)

So chime in--who has been your favorite Bond and why?

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