Tuesday, September 2, 2008

30 Day Challenge--a.k.a. what the hell have I gotten myself into??

So I was reading my friend John's blog ( http://johnhawkinsunrated.com/ ) and saw that he and one of his friends are doing a "30 day challenge" of blogging. Designed to get you in the habit of blogging on a more regular basis. So what do I do? I say, "Hey that sounds like a great idea!" even though that little voice in the back of my brain is screaming, "Don't do it!!!" But for some crazy (heh) reason I ignored that little voice and have decided to join in. Although I'm starting on September 2nd, so technically I'm doing 29 days of blogging. (Just call me the leap year of challenges.)
As if I didn't have enough going on... School has started, hockey season is getting underway, I'm doing another year on the hockey board as secretary...but that's okay, I'm a mom. I have the power to multi-task! I'm sure my blogs won't be as exciting and thought provoking as most blogs out there, but I hope to at least make you smile once or twice. Heck, if I'm really lucky I might even make you chuckle.


John said...

Woo Hoo! Peer pressure at it's best!

roadies said...

It's official now! I just updated the list and included your post: http://www.thejasonmurphyshow.com/series/30days2/

You'll see this will be over before you know it, and all those internal debates about whether to post or not, what to post about, etc, will amount to something. What it will amount to, I'm not sure of. But something, that's for sure. :)

Again, welcome! We're glad to have you and the more the merrier. If you have other friends that want to jump on this train, by all means invite them along!