Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time To Close The Chapter On School Days...

This was September 2, 1997.  
It was my son's first day of kindergarten.  
I love the Green Eggs & Ham shirt.  And look at those little legs!  He was missing his front tooth because it had been knocked out when he was two years old when he fell on the sidewalk outside our apartment in Camarillo, California.  I'm not sure what specific thing he has in his hand but I know it was what was left of his breakfast.  (He's always been a slow eater...)
I felt like posting this today because yesterday was my son's LAST day of school.  His last school day of 12th grade.  His graduation ceremony is this coming Friday night.  We've been through so much during the years between these two days.  
A year ago I thought we'd never be close again.  It's personal and I don't want to post his private issues here for everyone to see.  But I can say that I'm so glad that we've managed to grow close again.  He's still my "little boy" and I'm sure he always will be to me.  Even though he's already grown into a wonderful young man.   
  It's strange to look at this picture and realize it's the same person as in the first picture.  Even though he's my own son and I've watched him grow up the last 13 years, I still don't connect the two pictures.  I'm sure it will get even harder when I have a wedding picture to connect or a picture of him with his own child.  
But....those things are in the future.  For now, I can look at this new picture and remind myself that this is not only the end to one chapter, but the beginning of a new one.  
I can't wait to see how it goes...


Jenna Marie said...

I still remember him like the first picture! :) I can't believe how fast time flies. I think it flies faster when you're a mom... I so wish we lived closer so we could be there, and you could come to Scotts... That would be so fun. Hopefully we'll get together SOME Day!! :) CONGRATS COLLIN! :)

Hooked on Cruises said...

Jane, STOP. You are making me cry. What a nice, touching life story from his childhood into manhood. I love his senior picture, he looks so grown up! Good Luck Collin in your future endeavors!