Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let The Gardening Begin!

Okay, we are WAY behind this year on getting our garden done.  However, this may not be a bad thing considering just last weekend we had two nights that dipped down to freezing and our neighbor has had to replant their garden twice this spring.  But because I didn't anticipate us planting this late, my seedlings are practically full grown plants!  I'm almost expecting to come out some morning and find a little green tomato hanging off the plant.  Ha ha!
Unfortunately, like I mentioned about last weekend, the weather has not been cooperative lately.  Add to that the fact that we had to prepare for graduation with my oldest son, my husband just started a new job and my son just started a new job... It just hasn't been in the cards for us.

So I was really excited when today the weather looked good, my husband was here, our youngest son was here and no one felt sick, injured, etc.  We got out there a little late in the day but within the first hour we already had finished our first garden project--the raised beds.
 It's only one small part of the garden, but I feel so much better knowing it's done.  I couldn't lift those heavy railroad ties all by myself so having the guys get it done for me was a relief.  This is where I'm going to grow my "root vegetables" and other veggies that do well in raised beds--carrots, onions, garlic and lettuce.  Tomorrow while my husband is out shooting with some friends, I'll get all of these settled into their beds.

Next stop--tomatoes, peppers and potato towers!!

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