Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Were They Thinking??!!

This is the last year my son is a "child"...he turns 18 this summer. Every year I have done up an Easter basket for him, using the same basket (with stuffed bunny attached) that my parents bought for him when he was 9 months old. (Call me a sentimental old fool...) So I decided to go all out and make him a basket full of all of his favorites from over the years. A trip the local Walmart was necessary.
As I was walking down the Easter aisle at Walmart, I happened upon something that made me do a double-take.

Behold....the sugar cookie lollipop with the pornographic monkey (squirrel??):

Who's brilliant idea was it to decorate these cookies this way?? What is that supposed to be?? I showed a picture of it to my husband and he said, "Maybe it's a flashlight, honey." Yeah...because monkeys carrying flashlights just screams Easter... I could see maybe a mushroom...but again, why a random mushroom in front of a monkey for Easter? Oh, and not all of them had such a cap on them. (Maybe these were the Gentile monkeys?) I'm sure there was some original concept behind these (maybe it IS a squirrel and that's his nut. Heh.) But either the machine that made these was set incorrectly or the people who did these by hand were giggling to themselves while they decorated.

The really funny thing about it (as if x-rated monkeys on children's Easter cookies was not funny enough), was that there were several other styles of these cookies. All of the other boxes had about 1/2 of ONE box left. This style? FIVE boxes. So I know I'm not the only one who saw these and thought they looked like they should be sold at the local adult shop instead of the Easter aisle at Walmart. I can just see the parents, seeing them and picking one up to put in the cart saying, "Oh, what cute a little monke.......oh.......OH!" And then quickly putting it back on the shelf and scurrying away.
Someone at quality control needs to be fired....


Mom vs. the boys said...

Oh My!! I couldn't tell you what that animal is either, my best guess is a squirrel, but, wow. something just doesn't belong! lol

Sunshine and Shadows said...

This is so naughty. I can't believe the stuff that slips by in stores - too funny. You have a great style of writing.

redartwine said...

Love your monkey/squirrel/penis story. I had to show it my wife and we laughed out loud. I'd like to share ours with you. My wife's sister teaches 5th grade gifted children. She had gathered numerous books up at the childrens' section of the bookstore. One was of origami but called kokigami. Upon opening it up in thee classroom and discovering what it was she had to lock it in her desk. Turns out it was meant for adults (mainly men) to decorate their penis with these paper cut outs that were of squid, fire trucks, locomotives, rocket ships, dragons and such. She sent it to us and we've enjoyed it but we all got a big laugh out of it. I'm from, Cheers and Pizza on Earth

Jane said...

OMG that story made me laugh so hard! I can just picture the look on your wife's sister's face...I'd be mortified. No wonder she locked it in her desk, she was probably afraid of getting fired, poor thing! Thanks for sharing. :)