Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dress...Sort of...

Tonight after work I have my "final fitting" on my dress. I can't remember... Did I tell you about the dress? For someone who is doing more of a "budgeted wedding", I can say it is a dream come true. It's really a long story that I won't get into, involving going to a couple of bridal shops and making the mistake of trying on beautiful dresses before looking at the price tags. "Excuse me you have anything for a lot less that doesn't look like a 7th grade home-ec project?" Behold the sale rack. Some of the stuff on that rack (which was not even as wide as my arms expanded, by the way) was pretty scary. But one dress kept catching my eye, even though it was white.
You see, I thought that the bridal police would come hunt me down if I tried on anything in white. "Ma'am...I'm sorry....You are neither virginal nor chaste, so we'll have to ask you to remove that dress and come with us." It's my second wedding and I thought it was a MAJOR faux pas to wear white. But I'm finding out from a lot of different sources that nowadays the color of the dress really doesn't matter, whether it's your first, second, or fifth wedding. (Okay, I really don't know anyone who has been married five times but that just sounded good...) In fact, they say that wearing a white dress can represent a "fresh start" or "new beginning". So after trying it on I realized I really could picture myself wearing that on my wedding day. The great thing about the dress? It was clearanced out & marked down to $99. Woo hoo! I've seen "Say Yes to the Dress" and let me tell you I feel like that was a major score. No $7,000 dress for me, thanks!
Obviously I don't want to share pictures of the dress itself, since there's the remote chance Randy may decide to read my blog sometime between now & the wedding.
Plus since some of you who are reading this are invited to the wedding, I don't want to spoil that first look. I want my guests to be surprised too, not just Randy.
So I've decided to do a little "teaser" for you all. Just a few random shots of bits & pieces of my dress for your viewing pleasure. (And if you can figure out what my dress looks like from this little snippets, then you're a wedding dress least in my eyes.)

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