Friday, May 9, 2008

Who Reads Me?

Okay, curiosity is getting the better of me....

Down at the bottom of my blog, there is a map that shows what cities people are from who have stopped in and read my blog. I'm sure there are random people who just stop in and read it because they happened upon me purely by accident. But there are some cities (you know who you are, Duluth, GA!!) that pop up on a regular basis. Who are you people? Drop me a comment now & then. I don't care if you tell me my blog sucks or you just say hi. But I'd sure love to know who you are, and it would also be nice to hear what you think of all the hard work I put into this blog (ha!) Share the love!


Anonymous said...

You know I am here checking in all the time! I will have to pop in on the map and make it official. I love your blog, much more creative than mine. It is how I keep up since we seem to miss each other im'ing!!!! Miss ya bunches!!

Jane said...

I had a feeling it was you or Ben! :) Actually you don't have to pop in on the map. When you look at my blog, it automatically puts up a dot for you. That's why every time I kept seeing Georgia, I was like, "Hmmmmmmmm...." I miss you & Ben bunches too!