Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day.... I talked to my mom yesterday, but I'm sure I'll still send her an email today or make a quick call to wish her a happy day. Yesterday, she called me--she called because I was having an extremely rough day and needed encouragement and without hesitation she picked up the phone and called. (This was after she had already sent an email giving me encouragement and offering some great advice.)
I can't say enough about my mom...I've always loved her and always appreciated her, although not as much at some times (like when I was a teenager, sorry Mom) as others. But as an adult, I can look back and know that even when she was going through rough times, she was still always there for me in her heart. She always did what she thought was best for me.
These are some difficult times for me right now and she is always right there with the shoulder to cry on, the sound advice, and the great encouragement. Yesterday she sent me this poem that she said is one of her favorites and it really made me get teary-eyed:

My Daughter
I love to hear you come through the door,
Calling my name as you had before,
And feel your embrace, knowing you care,
Patting you gently and stroking your hair.
As you begin to tell of your day,
My thoughts return to yesterday....

I'M selecting the dress that you are to wear,
And choosing the ribbons to put in your hair.
We're having a party, you're serving me tea.
You're loving your "baby." pretending you're me.

...I know that you say, "It was years ago,
And I was just little," but I miss that so!
I cherish the minutes you now spend wit me
As we laugh and share those old memories.
Often at times - though you're unaware -
I'd love to put ribbons once more in your hair.
I love you Mom, more than you know. Thanks for always being there for me....

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