Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've been a bad, bad girl....

Before you get those naughty thoughts going in your head, what I mean is that I haven't written anything here in a LONG time! You know how sometimes the time just gets away from you--hockey season starts, trips are taken, work is busy--then you realize you haven't written anything to amuse/annoy your friends in awhile.

A few new things to take note of, since I've still been perusing the internet even though I haven't written anything here:

I'm on Facebook now, so if any of you are on it you can find me here:

I've found another web site (thanks to my sister) that I love to look at and have added it in my links. Checking out the pictures on this web site make me want to take a trip to Japan (or China), just for the giggle factor alone. Here are some examples:

How can you not love their command of the english language?

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