Friday, November 2, 2007

Bollywood Meets Trojan

Holy condoms Batman! We hit the motherlode of educational videos with this one:

Yes, it's actually almost 7 minutes long. Yes, there are dancing Indian men dressed up like condom Teletubbies. And yes, there is one brief pictorial towards the end which is a drawn example of gay sex. But kudos to them for trying to make an effort to educate everyone on safe sex. Don't worry, it comes with subtitles and boy, are some of them hilarious! I never knew condoms were good-natured. And I love the admonishing about half way through to the younger people: "In your youth you become rash and careless. You think no end of yourself. You desire for sex with multiple partners. For momentary pleasure you go to great lengths." (heh--go to great lengths...)

Some thoughts come to mind though:

Why the long white opera gloves? Is it supposed to add a touch of class?

What is the point of the group of dancing guys in white? (Is that the musical Bollywood portion of the video?) And that ridiculous popping up behind the other dancers like an excited little prairie dog...the one in the middle has that smile & shrug down, doesn't he?

And those serious guys standing around in the background. You'd think they could have sprung (heh) for some video vixens or some Indian belly dancing version of them.

Did they REALLY need that drawing of the gay sex? Don't you think they already know how it works? Do they honestly need a diagram?

Well, at least it was very educational and covered a realm of information. Thank goodness for assorted colors & fragrances!

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Thank you for THAT!

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