Sunday, September 9, 2012

Un-Plain Jane...

When I was growing up, surrounded by girls with names like Melissa, Angela, Stephanie and Kathleen, I thought my name was plain. We've all heard the expression "Plain Jane". Or heard the typical name used for an anonymous person--"Jane Doe". Over the years I made the mistake into buying into that stereotype. I even talked myself into the notion that I was plain.

Well it's taken me forty four years, but I realize now what a gift it was to be named Jane. Jane isn't plain, it is strong. It's a single, strong syllable and it starts with a strong sounding consonant. It is the female equivalent of John--a strong men's name. It is an easy name to remember and hard to misspell. 

There have also been many famous women named Jane over the years. Jane Austen has written some of the most famous books which have been made countless times into movies and miniseries. Calamity Jane was a pretty bad ass frontierswoman. Actresses such as Jane Fonda, Jane Russell, Jane Curtin and Jane Wyman (who was also the first wife of Ronald Reagan). And don't forget Jane Goodall, the famous English primatologist.

I'm not famous. But I've done interesting things. I have zip-lined in the rain forest. I have swam with stingrays. I have traveled to several countries. I was picked to be in a music video (okay, I chickened out at the last minute, but I was still picked)! I have raised a child.

And you know what? There is nothing plain about me.  And I am strong. I am Jane.


Carolina said...

It was great hanging out with u JANE in high school!

Chris Hawkins said...

I've always adored the Jane in my life. Thank you! <3

John said...

We all love you jane

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