Monday, September 6, 2010

Who Loves Makeup Bags/Totes?

Just a quick heads up...
I was cleaning out some boxes this weekend and found a whole bag full of Clinique makeup bags/totes.  I don't use much makeup as it is, so I can't see keeping all of them when someone else can get good use out of them.  So I've listed them on Ebay and if you're interested you can find them here:
McFaddensFarm on Ebay

So if you decide to give it a go, happy bidding! :-)

P.S.  Yes, I'm aware that it has been a REALLY long time since I've posted here.  I vow I will get back to posting regularly.  We're still getting ready (and trying to earn spending money) for my son's graduation cruise coming up on 9/30.  I will be posting updates on our lives and my usual general observations on the world soon...  

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