Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Honest Scrap Award

As noted in the comments in my previous post, I've been awarded THE HONEST SCRAP award from a great blogger at Mom Vs. The Boys. (She's one of our "neighbors up north", from that country above us that I won't name right now because I'm still cheesed that they beat us for the gold medal in hockey....but I won't hold that against her.) ;)

From what I understand, the award is “for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul." Being that I'm still pretty new to blogging and don't do that great of a job keeping up with it sometimes, I admit that I got a secret little thrill knowing that someone out there liked my blog enough to refer to it as a blog that falls into this category. Part of this "award" is that I am suppose to list 10 honest, random and interesting things about myself. If you're still here when I get to 10, I give you kudos.* If you're still here when I get to 10 and you like what you've read, subscribe to or follow my blog. ;)
  1. I am a's probably where my son gets it.
  2. My dog is fat. I started her on a green bean diet yesterday. I feel incredibly guilty about it.
  3. I am going to miss watching my son play hockey when this season is over. :(
  4. I'm afraid of being dead. Not dying itself...just the being dead part. (I know, it doesn't make sense.)
  5. Clowns & porcelain dolls freak me out. If it's a porcelain doll dressed like a clown? That's the motherlode...
  6. Having to commute to work on the freeway this past year has made me a cranky driver. (My old work drive was 15 minutes down one country road.)
  7. Sometimes I laugh at things that are completely inappropriate.
  8. I want to open up a roadside organic fruit & vegetable stand and sell the produce from our garden.
  9. I wish I had never let my cosmetology license lapse when I moved to another state.
  10. I love boots.

Okay, now that you've got a big 'ol heaping spoonful of my honesty, I get to pass this award on to seven bloggers that I admire. I will also post links to their blogs here so that others can bask in their blogging goodness:

  1. Mom Vs. The Boys - I have to mention this one first, because she is the one who awarded me with my Honest Crap Award. Thank you! :)
  2. Living the Life - This is one of my nieces. She is incredibly crafty and creative and a great mom!
  3. Pioneer Woman- OMG, this is my absolute favorite blog in the world! I aspire to be as good a blogger as Ree. I know she has no clue who I am but I wanted to list her because she serves up honesty with a side of country fries.
  4. Cake Wrecks - Again, this is someone who most likely isn't aware I'm even alive, but this blog makes me laugh every day and she has the guts to point out the hysterical mistakes.
  5. The Sassy Carmudgeon-The honest humor & some of the language in this one may not be for everyone. But man, I love her sass!

Yikes....I need to read more blogs. Or maybe more of my friends need to write blogs. I loved a blog that one of my cruise friends used to write, The Traveler's Soliloquy. I think that's what it was called...he stopped writing it awhile ago so I can't remember exactly. But I loved those posts! Okay friends, this is a request--send me the links to your blogs!

Well there you have it. When I win a Bloggers Choice Award (like both #3 & #4 have done), I'll remember all the little people. Um....wait....I don't mean little people. Not like the Roloff family or anything....just those who "knew me when" and read my blog when it was dorky. ;)

*Kudos: [koo-dohz] -noun- honor, glory, acclaim. Not the candy bar....I don't have enough money to buy everyone who reads my blog a candy bar. (Heh! Yeah, all 5 of you....)


Jenna Marie said...

Yay! Thanks for giving me a blog-shout out! You're so sweet! :) I've definitely slacked lately in the blogging department though... I need to do better.
I And I totally get the afraid of "being dead" thing... Me too... :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

Thanks for not holding that shiny gold against me! lol the US was great competition!