Friday, January 1, 2010

The Best Intentions....

A friend of mine (hi Scott!) posted something in his Facebook notes last night about New Years resolutions. He said he was going to call them "intentions" instead of resolutions because resolutions are so easy to break. I like that idea. Thinking back, when have I ever really kept a resolution and then not felt guilty when I slipped up? Who needs the pressure?

My friend Scott asked if you've ever felt like you were treading water while holding a medicine ball above your head. He said, "2010 is not about getting organized, saving money, losing weight or any of that trite. 2010 is about getting out of the pool, digging in my heels and pushing that damn medicine ball towards tomorrow."
Seriously...when I read that it just hit straight to my heart. After the crappy year we've had, I have to believe that all I can do is point towards the future and start walking. Or....crawling. ....Maybe just dragging that medicine ball along, stopping to rest every feet or so.

But I guess first I've got to find my way to the side of the pool so I can get out...

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