Thursday, July 31, 2008

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...oh wait, I don't have to do it anymore!

Hey, I just realized something. I was looking at my profile and it says "I am a divorced mom of a teenaged son who plays hockey. (fear me!) So I spend about 6 months out of the year hauling a teenaged boy & his sweaty hockey equipment back & forth to the ice rink a couple of times a week."

Um....Collin just turned 16 and he has his own car now. Wooooo hooooo! Those late nights coming home from the far side of Boise in the snow/rain/dark after hockey practices are over! Of course, I'll still be going out there once a week to see his hockey GAMES. But he can get his own butt to practice now. And since he has at least one good friend out here in Nampa who is on the team, they can carpool. (So that's a plus for him.)

And actually, eventually he may get a break from that far drive too. There is an outdoor ice rink being built in Nampa and the team is going to try to work out something so they can get ice time for practice. It would be SO great for them to be able to get more practice in. I'll keep you posted on that development...

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